December 7, 2007 (Self-Help Seminar)

Salt Lake City

Self-Help Seminar

A friend invited me to go to a self-help seminar or something like that from the institution called Landmark.

Although the seminar was pretty good, the most interesting thing to me and what made this experience something remember-able was the people that were there.

To those kind of things goes all kind of people, some of whom are really weird. I couldn’t believe what a challenging life some of them had, or have.

That made me feel really thankful for my religion, my education, and my family.


In a random conversation this woman that I was talking to started sharing that even though she loves her husband she finally got divorce.

“After 25 years?” I asked “Why?”

“Well…” she said, “it was a polygamist relationship so it was time to end it”

“What do you mean with ‘polygamist relationship?” I asked.

“He was married to other two women”

Everybody in there was very surprised and speechless. But my curiosity didn’t let be so I had to ask.

“I am not gonna lie, there were moments in which I wanted to kill them both… literally. I wanted to get my gun and shoot them on the head. But one of the wives is my own sister so generally we get along. The other one drove me crazy, she was 21”

“Did you use to live on a Polygamist community?”

“No, I always lived in Salt Lake City; we never were in Colorado City (AZ)

One of the girls who was there asked “Do you watch ‘Big Love’?”

“Everybody tells me that I should watch that show, but I say what for? I already suffered that nightmare living it, why would I torture myself watching that show?

Who deserves Jail

At the same seminar I met this guy who was in conditional freedom. Apparently he stole 20 thousand dollars and after 5 years of good behavior he could go out everyday.

“Are you married?” I asked him



“Yeah, I have two with my wife, and I think three in adoption and one more some where”

“What do you mean?”

“’They’ took away from me the custody of my kids and put them in adoption. I mean, I know where they are, but if they wanted to know who their real father is, they would find me soon enough”

“Six kids! That’s a lot!”

(He laughs) “Yeah, for sure I have more, with different women you know…” (He keeps laughing)

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