December, 26, 2007 (Christmas 2007)

Thousand Oaks, California

Christmas Morning!

My friends Ryan and Miriam invited me to spend Christmas with them. They live in Ventura, California, a quiet place 30 min north of Los Angeles.

(7:03 am)

“Hernan!!! It’s Christmas!”

I wake up

James, Miriam’s little brother entered to the room I was slipping in and wakes me up.

Behind him I saw other two of Miriam’s younger brothers running towards the Christmas tree where all the presents were waiting to be open.


Where’s Miriam? Asked one ob the boys… sitting in a chair in front of the door that leads to where the Christmas tree was.

The Door was locked and secured with a cord so the boys wouldn’t go at night and try to sneak in the presents.


Miriam’s comes to the room with her baby and everybody starts freaking out running to the room full of presents.

It was really fun watching Ava (Miriam’s baby) and the other kids getting their Christmas gifts.


Everybody started playing with something they just got. It was a happy moment.

Gardens of the World

Today we went Picture Hunting… to a garden… this is what it came out:

The Cat

This is a cat whose one eye is blue and the other is grey.

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