December 23, 2007 (Christmas Roadtrip 2007: Los Angeles, CA)

Ventura, California
Winter Wonderland

Who doesn't dream on having a white Christmas these holidays? I don't... and that's why I am OUTTA HERE!

The snow is pretty for a picture, and for the eye like for a minute or two, but then you fall in reality: It is snow so it's cold, wet and dangerous.

I left early from work to get ready to leave town for my Christmas brake. The snow storm announced for that evening didn’t discouraged me, in fact that made more excited to leave town.

Salt Lake City was going to be a cold, miserable city and I was going to be in a pleasant and beautiful land called Ventura (California)

The minute I went out it started hailing… When I got to the train it started Snowing really hard with a strong wind.

When I got to the station where is my house (no more than 15 min from my school) it was already snowed so much (4 inches) that the whole neighborhood looked white.

The electricity went off in the entire city so it was really crazy.

The stop light didn’t work so crossing the street was an interesting adventure. Cars sliding and people running everywhere. I coudn't see anything because of the wind and the snow.

I grabbed a flashlight and used to pack my things.

I was really cold and wet.

I think I got sick.


I got to Provo, just minutes ago I said goodbye to my ex roommate, problem maker, and friend John B. who is going to his mission to Cleveland Ohio.

John seemed a little sad because he thinks his girlfriend is going to send him a ‘Dear John’ letter. The bets that that would happen or not already started (To make your bet click here)

After saying goodbye to John I went to a restaurant called ‘Tucanos” very popular here in Provo.

Here I got together with my other two friends (and ex roommates also), Isaac and Patrick.

We were celebrating that Patrick graduated from BYU and also we were saying farewell to him because he was leaving the state (FOREVER)

We tried to make him cry but he was hard as a rock. We remembered old times, we laughed, we ate (a lot) and said goodbye.

I probably won’t see Isaac ever again, but if he transfers to my school (LDS Business College) then I might (will see)

Isaac said that this would the end of a season if this was a TV show, an end of an era.

And it really was.

(The Last Road- trip)
The next day Patrick and I left to our last road trip together (EVER)

Patrick didn’t look back, he was happy to leave town, but I did look back and saw a cold white city.

We stopped in Mesquite (Nevada) and ate in a ‘All You Can Eat’ Buffet. It was a really nice food, but the waitress got mad at me because I was a student.

She kind started mocking me saying “What do they teach you in the University? How to talk? How to earn money? maybe when you get rich you can came here a leave me a decent tip”
After that Patrick told me to stop talking to strangers.

When we got to Riverside (California) we spend the night in Patrick’s home. Next morning I went to the train station heading to Ventura.

My goodbye to Patrick was a short “I see you later” and a quick hug.

It felt that I was going to see him later. But probably it might never happen… what ever happen it was really fun to meet him” CHAU PATRICK!!!!

Patrick is staying here in Los Angeles working until the mid summer when he will start his new job in Troy, Michigan.

Déjà vu
I already did this trip. It was 8 months ago when also went from Riverside to Ventura to visit Ryan, Miriam and Ava.

The difference from back there though it that I was not scared like I was before. In fact it seemed like I did this trip many times before. it felt natural.

Train at San Bernardino, Union Station and Subway Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Bus: Ventura; No Biggy.

Christmas is here
Last but not least, Feliz Navidad, feliz natal, Marry Christmas...

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