November 14, 2007 (7 strange things about me)

Salt Lake City

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7 strange things about me

1.(Shy) I talk a lot, I like to be social, to have friends, hung out, meet new people, and be funny, but I am shy. Or at least I consider myself shy. Even when I seem comfortable I am sweating inside wishing for earth to eat me alive.

Strawberry lake, Utah

2. (Picky) For some reason it is really hard for me to fall in love. I had two crushes in my whole life: one was a famous children’s singer –Xuxa- (I was 11) the other one was in High School, (I was 16) but I never dared to tell her but she found out anyway so I never talked to her any more (I never got over them, I guess is hard for me to get over things) .

I think I fell in love once. If it’s true that there is one girl for every man, then I’m screw , but if it‘s not true.. then… who knows.

Nauvoo, Illinois

3. (Curious) I am curious (very). I like to see things how they really are. I like to know about everything. I like to be the one that everybody tells everything.

Las Vegas, Nevada

4.(Hate fake-ness) I hate feeling that someone is being fake to me. It makes my blood boil and that makes me furious toward that particular person until the point that I can’t even stay on the same room. (It’s fun to live in Utah!)

San Francisco, California

5.(Fake) In high School I pretended to be a completely different person, but I think I didn’t full anybody besides me.

Vivian Park, Utah

6. (Friends) My friends are like family to me, I keep my friends for ever, they are really important to me. When I talk to a friend I haven talked for a long time it feels like it was yesterday when we met. I like how it feels to have and be with friends. I still keep in touch with friends from kindergarten, primary school, high school and mission. But a few of them I consider... you know… family.

Provo, Utah

7. (Don't cry) I can count with my hand people who saw me crying. (I think that’s weird)

Mink Creek, Idaho

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