April 25th, 2007 [Road Trip Vol 1]

Salt Lake City, Utah

Diaries of a truck! (UNCENSORED)

Since this moment nothing left behind matters anymore.

Patrick's truck seconds before the depart from Salt Lake City

I leave Salt Lake City absolutely happy. Of course there are a lot of issues to take care of, but just for now… just for this second; I will pretend that there is nothing but the endless road and the feeling of freedom that comes with it.

I will free my mind and enjoy the beautiful view of the temple eclipsing the entire city of Salt Lake while we drive away to our first stop: Boise, Idaho.


Somewhere in south Idaho

The Shut the **** Up incident

In moments of boringness there is nothing worse than being bored. Different people handle boringness in different ways, some people just sleep, or watch TV, or tends to do stupid things, (if you think about it, most of our stupid decisions were made in moments of boredom) some people just get quite and camouflage with the feeling (of boredom) and some people like me, can’t stop talking.

5 hours passed since we left Salt Lake City, winter still is dieing so the ground seemed brownish in this area. I was more than bored though, s I just start talking, it didn't matter about what, I just needes to do something, even if that meant to bug the driver (dangerous game)

“I heard that Idaho was ugly, but I don’t think so… I mean, Maybe this part is a little dry and monotonous, but I’ve been in the north east side of the state and I thought it was very beautiful, in fact a little town called Mink Creek (South East) is one of my favorites spots in the US so far”

I was trying to make some conversation to dissipate this unbearable feeling of boringness.

Patrick was driving, staring the road. Patrick is my roadtrip-mate and friend.

Patrick Minutes before Leaving Salt Lake City

He got an internship offer in Alabama, but had to go to Portland, Oregon to visit his brother, and also had to have a surgery in Los Angeles, California; so he invited me to go with him and drive all around the west, south and center of the US.

I could tell Patrick didn’t care about anything I was mumbling, it was evident, but I kept talking.

“Mink Creek is kind of close of the Grand Tetons, or Soda Springs… The east and north part has some cool views too…”

He is not looking at me, he just stared the road, he smiled some times, but the smile was a ‘polite’ way of nodding to whatever I was saying.

He was bored not from the trip or the tedious landscape but from me and my non-stop talking.

The worse part is that I knew that… but I just wanted to talk, so I did.

“I mean, before you talk about a place you should know the place very well, don’t you think?”

“Well, I think that…” First attempt to talk from Patrick, but I didn’t care he had to say, it was to late, I was the one talking now, so I interrupted… Salt Lake City for example… I lived there for three years and still can’t say if Utah is ugly or not, you know?”

Second attempt to talk from Patrick, “You don’t have to talk all the time you know?”

His voice was like an angry dog ready to bite to the stupid kid who keeps pulling its tail.

I excused my self pretending to be the victim here saying “I was trying to entertain you so you don't fall asleep!”

“Well, you don have to”

“Fine” I replied

“Fine” He said with another smile, a more peaceful smile. (Was he happy now that I wasn’t talking?)

“Fine then,” I said again looking at him, then the road, then my side of the window, then the nothing (I fall asleep)


Boise, Idaho

The Blogging Idea

Even though I slept, I am more tired than before. I have to fide something to write or read to entertain myself. (I had the idea of writing for a blog)

Boise (Idaho) was a fast growing community but still with the feeling of a little town.

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