April 25th, 2007 (Smelly Jack)

The smelly Jack (in the Box)

When we got to Boise we were a little hungry, and after the nap I wasn’t feeling well at all. We decided to stop in a ‘Jack in the Box’ (Fast food place)

When we were ordering I gave Patrick money to buy me whatever and I ran to the bathroom.

Surprisely, the bathroom was very clean. While I was doing my business I understood why I was feeling not so good. I don’t think I ever couldn’t stand my own smell, but IT WAS SO STRONG!

I flush the toilet, wash my hands with lots of soap so maybe the smell would go away, but it didn’t so I left closing the door behind me.

Patrick was outside waiting for me. He handles me all the food and said to me that he also wanted to go to the bathroom. I didn’t have time to warn him, he opened the door and the smell quickly invaded the whole store! … He couldn’t even get in! He ran to me and I ran to the car laughing so hard.

For some reason I thought it was really funny.

Eastern Oregon


The landscape is OK, monotonous, yes, but still… it was beautiful. However, when one is bored… Who cares about the landscape?

My moment of boringness art:


Pendleton, Oregon

Indian Reservation

An Indian Reservation!!! No, don’t be silly, They don’t live in tents… I checked!

Instead, they have cool houses and casinos! All the Indians I saw in Sal Lake City were drunken walkers with weird smell of dirt and alcohol, so I’ll jump into the stereotyping conclusion that all Indians (or most) are drunk.

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