"Small Town, Big Inferno" (Ely, Nevada)

July 17, 2011
Ely, Nevada

Part two: The Desert

The second part of this short road trip continued trough the desert. As planned, we took the highway 93 (Devils valley) till Highway 50 (Nicknamed the loneliest highway in America)

Some friends of mine went to Iguazu Falls, Argentina for the first time. Amazed about the overwhelmingly beauty of the place, one said, "If God created this for us to live here, can you imagine the beauty of [Heaven]"... and the other friend asked, "Is that the same God who created Nevada?"

Being Nevada so dry and desertic is not very appealing to many people, but I thought it was awesome and beautiful.

We didn’t see much for the next 4 hours until we reached the first little town called Ely… (pronounced ee:lee)

Ely, Nevada
We got to the small and remote town of Ely [Pronounced 'ee:lee'] close to midnight. Since it was such a remote location, we didn’t think we would need hotel reservations, but every hotel and motel in the city was booked.

We were lucky we found a really cheap & dirty motel right on the town’s downtown.

This town reminded me to a saying we have in Spanish; "Small Town, Big Inferno" (Pueblo chico, infierno grande)

Ely was a small-tiny-town right at the border with Utah (the most conservative state there is), but it had prostitutes walking around, strip clubs, burlesques, many casinos and bars that evidenced that we were still in Nevada.

That night, we walked around looking for a place to have dinner. It was pass midnight and still there were many people walking around. We asked some of them to recommend us a good place to go eat... everybody answered the same thing: Hotel Nevada. So there we went.

(We had dinner here, Hotel Nevada: Best Chicken tender I ever had.)

On our walk back to our cheap & dirty motel we heard laud music coming from this small but friendly bar that had slots machines on the counter…

Funny note: The hotel was so cheap that to save money they recycled the used towels and made them curtains for the windows!

(Pink wall, Towel-curtains, weird tile... just awesome.)

Me Las Tome: Road Trip 2011, Eastern Nevada

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