Downtown (Financial District)

New York, NY
May 10, 2010


The Downtown (of the World)

Something interesting I learned while going to downtown New York is that every financial district in the world (and every commercial center where there is a back in any small town) is commonly called "Downtown."

I already visited the uptown, and the midtown of the city, well, the financial district of New York City is located at the bottom of the city, known as downtown, and because of this, every financial district in the world named their financial district, the downtown area.

(I always wondered why is it called the Down-town. Well, now I know!)

And also... the street named "Wall" is more known as "Wall Street' than just "Wall".

This is funny because when my friend asked me where I was I said "I am in Wall & West Street" and it didn't click in my head that it was THE "Wall Street"
Don't judge me!

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