The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (The Met) [The Collections] (Part 1)

New York, NY
May 9, 2010

"Metropolitan Museum of Art"
On my way to Central Park I run into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I couldn't resist to enter, so I did. (It was free!!!)

This place is huge. I recognized a lot of famous paintings and subcultures.
I loved it.

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art, known colloquially as The Met, is located at the eastern edge of Central Park. It has a permanent collection containing more than two million works of art, one of the world's largest art galleries)

"Outside the Met"
Though Inside was an incredible banquet of Art and culture, the art didn't end there, it kept going outside the Met.

Singers, dancers, and independent artists trying to sell their work in the street.
I really liked it.

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